• Mandisa - Unfinished Lyrics

    From the album Out Of The Dark

    Not scared to say it
    I used to be the one
    Preaching it to you
    That you could overcome
    I still believe it
    But it ain't easy

    ‘Cause that world I painted
    Where things just all work out
    It started changing
    And I started having doubts
    And it got me so down

    But I picked myself back up
    And I started telling me
    No, my God's not done
    Making me a masterpiece
    He's still working on me

    He started something good
    And I'm gonna believe it
    He started something good
    And He's gonna complete it
    So I'll celebrate the truth
    His work in me ain't through
    I'm just unfinished

    I know His history
    And the kind of God He is
    He might make it a mystery
    But He's proven I can trust in Him
    And yeah, I believe it

    Still working
    Still, still working on me
    He's still working
    Still, still working on me

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    Writer(s): Ben Glover and Colby Wedgeworth