• Manafest - Never Let You Go Lyrics

    From the album Fighter

    (Never let you go, Never let you go)

    When you're awake
    And you can't believe your eyes
    Cause all the truth that you knew
    Has turned to lies
    When you're scared
    And you can't see past a day
    Remember who holds tomorrow
    Know His love
    Will light your way

    Hold on when everything is shaking
    Stand strong when the ground is falling through
    Reach out to my hand in the darkness
    That's holding you
    I'll be your peace in the waiting
    Your strength when you're broken on the floor
    Hold on it's all worth fighting for
    Cause I will never let you go
    I will never let you go

    When you look in the mirror
    And you run away
    Cause all you see
    Are the scars from yesterday
    When the parade goes by
    And you feel alone
    Never lose hope to sorrow
    You're closer than you know


    You're more to me than you could ever know.