• Manafest - Let It Go Lyrics

    From the album Epiphany

    Oh this is a song from my soul
    This time I won't sweat it, I'm gonna let it go

    I don't recognize my own face no more
    I stare in a mirror than turn and it's gone
    Nameless and famous changing my alias
    Manafest & Chris fighting for the right placement
    1979 I was born 1995 I grabbed a board
    1999 I wrote a song, spit a metaphor
    Went from amateur to entrepreneur
    You still don't know me, you dudes can't touch me
    Stab me, kill me, hug me or love me
    Inside I'm a person, hurting, and working
    Pouring myself out, putting my neck out
    Can you see him? I tell them I'm right here
    He still won't come out he's rivaled with fear
    Examined by the critics, and put on this dis list
    I won't be jaded though I'm starting to see it
    They don't respect him he's just another musician

    Oh this is a song from my soul
    This time I won't sweat it, I'm gonna let it go
    I won't stress I'll just do my best
    Yeah!!! You've taken up all my cares
    Given me eye sight and meaning
    And I'll let the whole world know about you

    The voice of suicide
    Used to creep up in my mind
    The fat kid could care less if I lived or died
    I didn't think it had affect on me
    But now I'm 25 watching my weight size, I'm really scrawny
    The name calling, bullying from the hooligans
    The who's in, who's not had no friends
    My audience is triple the size of that now
    All eyes on me shall I rap now
    Thank you all for coming to my show
    Thank you for burning my cd that you stole
    When I get desperate I write a message
    My rhymes the essence of day to day lessons
    Feeling butt naked my pride has been taken
    Every mistake that I've made there taping
    Can I find peace, can I find me
    Who's the real man that's hiding behind the emcee?
    I want to know

    What's real, what's not, what's real Super star


    We may not agree on everything or anything
    By any means I'm a fulfill the dream
    I seen it come and go, I've tried to grab hold
    Hope I don't end up losing my soul
    Hip hop ain't worth it I've served and cursed it
    Sacrificed to make it work, and lost my purpose
    It's not what I'd die for to risk my wife and all
    Strife cause can't compare the lives it's caught
    I am Christian, emceeing a gifting, hip hop's what I'm living
    Not replacing religion,
    I got relationship with a God in the sky
    He talks to me defines wrong and the right
    Talk to him, when you're walking or jogging
    Skating or playing, or painting or balling
    I'm a pass the mic, I on a path for Christ
    Let me tell ye the, shoot I'm out a time