The rock band Kutless first came together in Portland, Oregon back in 1999. Consisting of Jon Micah Sumrall (vocals), James Mead (lead guitarist, and backing vocals), Ryan Shrout (guitarist), Dave Luetkenhoelter (bass), and Jeffrey Gilbert (drums), the band decided to call themselves Kutless after the Bible verse Romans 6:23. The band says, “He took our cuts for us... leaving us ‘Kutless.’” 

The band has come a very long way since releasing demos on their own. Over the last decade Kutless has released a variety of albums and songs including: “Your Touch,” “Run,” “Strong Tower,” “Shut Me Out,” “Everything I Need,” and “What Faith Can Do,” and “Even If,” off the album Believer.

As the years have gone by, the band has made a few changes to the group, with Nick Departee replacing Ryan Shrout on guitar, and Kyle Peek now on drums. But even with new band members, Kutless always strives to stay true to their music and their mission. “There’s been immense impact on every aspect of the band for every member change,” says James Mead. “Some members have come and gone, but thankfully the Lord directed the steps of all these guys to be here and be part of the family.  We feel, this day, confidently that this is the group of five that the Lord intended for Kutless.”

With their latest album Glory (February 11, 2014), the band mixes worship elements with their classic rock sound, and inspiring lyrics. “Our new album Glory is all about our response, as believers, to a Holy God who reveals His nature and character to us,” explains James Mead. “As we lift up praise to Him for who He is, both in our lives and in song, we are giving Him glory! Honestly, it comes out of a place for us, as a band, where we are just so stoked about Heaven, and we hope for Christ’s return soon! In the meantime, we will be about His mighty work, sharing this amazing love that He has given to all, freely.”

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