• Kristian Stanfill - Simple Pursuit Lyrics

    From the album Salvation's Tide Is Rising

    God, take us back
    The place we began
    The simple pursuit
    Of nothing but You
    The innocence of
    A heart in your hands
    God, take us back
    Oh God, take us back

    To an unswerving faith
    In the power of your name
    A heart beating for
    Your kingdom to reign
    A church that is known
    For your presence again
    God, take us back

    Nothing and no one comes close to you
    Nothing could ever come close
    Nothing and no one, it's you and you only
    Nothing could ever come close
    Keep our hearts real
    Keep your grace close
    You're bringing us back
    You're bring us home

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    Writer(s): Written by Matt Redman, Sam Bailey, Nick Herbert and Ben Cantelon