Kristian Stanfill, worship leader and songwriter, admits that when he was young he didn't have any idea what the term 'worship' meant. Even so, he loved God and felt a visceral pull towards music. He started writing songs shortly after picking up his dad's old guitar when he was thirteen. 

“I immediately started writing songs, they were awful ... but I couldn't stop writing. There is something so special about songwriting, like you're tapping into the supernatural,” Kristian says.

Kristian was at a summer camp with his youth group when he sensed the course of his life was about to change forever.

"I felt this inexplicable call to be on stage and lead people to love God through music," he says. "It was mostly a disaster scattered with a few really cool 'only God could do that' moments. Those few cool moments were enough for me to realize that there was something deeper coursing beneath the world.” 

Kristian's musical tenacity overshadowed his lack of knowledge and so he kept at it, leading worship in his youth group through High School at his church in Marietta, Georgia. After High School, Kristian went to Samford University and met his future wife, Kerri, during the first week of school. While there, Kristian received an offer to lead worship at North Point Community Church (NPCC) in Alpharetta, Georgia. He took the job and got involved with a number of people who would factor into God's plans for his future, including Louie Giglio.

In February 2009, a new season started in Kristians life...

Along with Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels and Matt Redman, Kristian is one of the founding members of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia where he serves as the worship pastor. The first church gathering was held on February 15, 2009.

Kristian's life is a testimony to God's singular purpose intertwined with His long term vision. While leading in youth group as a teenager, Kristian would teach Passion songs to his friends. Now he gets to take the stage at Passion City Church, Passion conferences and the Passion World Tour (to name just a few events) -leading generations, old and new, into God's presence as they worship Him and bring glory to His name.

Kristian and Kerri live in the Atlanta, Georgia area with their four children. And, these days, Kristian truly understands the meaning of worship. 

“What I love about college students is they've left the house ... and so it's actually a decision they make when they come to worship God. They're saying, 'Hey this is something I'm doing on my own. I'm coming because I believe it. I'm giving everything I've got to it because this is something that I believe' ... they don't leave anything on the table, they just give it all.” - Kristian Stanfill

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