• KJ-52 - Wake Up Lyrics

    From the album The Yearbook

    KJ-52 – Wake Up
    From the album – The Yearbook

    How long you gonna sleep
    How long you gonna act like you gonna act
    Be how you wanna be
    So when you gonna see
    You need to get the facts but you wanna laugh
    At what im gonna speak
    You steady sinking deep
    Plus ya sinking fast why you running back
    Man why you wanna leave
    So whats it gonna be
    You need to get with that but your missed the fact
    That what I¹m gonna speak
    This aint all a dream
    You can try to dash but you gonna have
    To face your reality
    So this is what I seen
    One day it¹s gonna crash then you¹ll understand
    Everything I¹m gonna mean

    Wake up wake up
    Wake up wake why are you falling asleep

    So what you wanna do
    You turn off the lights then you run and hide
    And act like you never knew
    Man you aint gotta clue
    But you think you¹re right every single time you
    Do what you wanna do
    So when you gonna choose
    When you gonna try to find your peace of mind
    It¹s right there in front of you
    It¹s time to make a move
    You can still deny but the time¹s running out
    Very very soon
    So what I gotta prove
    Why you walking blind when the signs
    Is so obviously coming thru
    Man this is now for you
    You can try to lie and just still deny
    But can¹t change what