• KJ-52 - The Hardway Lyrics

    Some people gotta learn the hard way
    I guess I'm the kind of guy who has to find out for myself
    I had to learn the hard way Father
    I'm on my knees and I'm crying for Your help

    Verse 1
    The warning signs like flares in the night
    I proceed with my greed indeed but now in spite
    Of the fire I knows to burn I never learn
    As the world turns on it's axis I'm like Saul
    On the road to Damascus I'm like broken fragments
    Of broken glasses can't see the facts is
    From the fiction God's voice now speaking
    But I never listened got me wishing I never
    Took the hard way 'cause every day's a hard day
    Turn my heart away God be feeling like
    He's far away Jesus take the scars away
    'Cause life be mad hard today
    Trying hard not to sway
    Selfish way finally catching up to me
    But if I fall You's catching me
    I know You's catching me


    Verse 2
    Been high and low but the stories told
    My eyes can show that I walked the hard ways road
    When it's my time to go I'll stand toe to toe
    To one who grips my soul who's never letting go
    Life's cold but so many times
    I shed so many tears from so many eyes spoke so many lies
    I was the maker of my own demise
    My own face I couldn't recognize woke up one day
    And realized my compromised lifestyle
    Since the birth canal to a juvenile yo this kid was wild
    Sometimes it hurts to smile but Jesus made it worth my while
    Keeping it versatile like I was writing Spanish backwards
    In a cursive style so meanwhile to the mean time
    I leave the blind to lead the blind
    So with every step I climb
    Leave the past way far behind out of sight and out of mind