Long time Christian rapper KJ-52 has taken the music industry by storm throughout the years, having won multiple awards for his fresh take on Christian hip hop. Florida-based Jonah Kirsten Sorrentino got his start back in 1993. At that time he went by the alias King J. Mac, but after realizing it was “horribly cheesy,” he later changed it to KJ-52 Tweezy, a reference to Jesus feeding the masses with five loaves and two fish. 

Throughout the years, KJ-52 has released nearly a dozen albums. His first, Insightful Comprehensions, came out in 1997, but it was the 2002 release of Collaborations that won him his first Dove Award. He also won a Dove Award for his 2004 album It’s Pronounced Five Two, his 2006 album Behind the Musik, his 2007 album Remixed, and his 2009 song “Do Yo Thang.”

While KJ-52 has had numerous hit songs and albums during his career, one of his most notable tracks is “Dear Slim,” a single directed at Eminem with the intent to reach him with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

“Dear Slim” brought KJ-52 a great deal of attention, both positive and negative, and VH1 included the single in their Top 40 Worst Moments in Hip Hop. KJ-52 noted the song wasn’t intended to be a “diss” to Eminem, and addressed the issue in the follow-up track “Dear Slim Pt. 2.”

“To be honest, man, I just had to address the issue,” KJ-52 explains. “The funny thing to me is how big it blew up. That was never the intention. I never thought that this was going to be the song that really gets my name out, causing a reaction and really touching people. I wrote that thing at like two in the morning to some other beat.”

KJ-52 has bravely blazed a trail in Christian music and says that the older he gets, the more bold and Christ-centered he wants his tracks to be.

“If you were to listen to my older stuff back in my Sons of Intellect days, it was a lot more underground,” KJ-52 says. “It was a lot less JPM (Jesus Per Minute). I’ve found that the more I’ve grown and gotten older, there is a strong desire in my life to make my lyrics that much more bold and Christ-centered. To me, that’s what changes lives. The Word will not return void.”

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