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    Long time Christian rapper KJ-52 has taken the music industry by storm throughout the years, having won multiple awards for his fresh take on Christian hip hop. Florida-based Jonah Kirsten Sorrentino got his start back in 1993. At that time he went by the alias King J. Mac, but after realizing it was “horribly cheesy,” he later changed it to KJ-52 Tweezy, a reference to Jesus feeding the masses with five loaves and two fish. Read More

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    • KJ52 Interview/Freestyle, Build Your Life on God, 600 People and the Pink Ruffled Shirt, Gladiator o
      33 mins
    • KJ-52 Freestyle, Brant's Swagg School, Will God Protect My Kids?, The Shirer: Like Heaven, Gladiator
      29 mins
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