Kerrie Roberts has been singing and performing at church since she was five-years-old, but started her professional music career after college in 2005 with her first standalone single, “It Is Well With Me.”

Growing up, Kerrie’s father pastored a church, and her mother directed the choir. She was always around music and if she wasn’t singing on stage, she was probably singing at home with her mother and sister.

Kerrie continued pursuing her dreams and in August of 2010 released her debut album, Kerrie Roberts, which quickly climbed the Billboard Christian Albums chart to No. 29. Three singles from the album made it on the Hot Christian Songs chart: “No Matter What,” which landed at No.9, “Take You Away” at No. 28, and “Outcast” at No. 29.  

But Kerrie says it was one song in particular that embodied the message of the album. “’Beautiful To Me’ wraps up the whole theme of the record,” Kerrie explains. “It’s incredible to see the beauty in God’s plan of salvation, that holy mystery of how He used destruction to bring life, and how that speaks to the pain in our lives. It’s a cry out to God: ‘Please make whatever this heartbreak is into something beautiful as only you can.’”

In April of 2013, Kerrie released her second album, Time For The Show, which included the critically acclaimed singles “Finally Home” and “Masterpiece.”

Kerrie hopes her music will positively impact her listeners and fill them with hope, giving them assurance that they’re not alone in whatever struggles they may be going through.  

“I want to share the unconditional love that I’ve had poured into my own life. I hope that when people listen to these songs and identify with the emotion in them that they will know they’re not alone. And ultimately, I want listeners to be filled with a sense of purpose – a realization of truth and a promotion of hope and healing.”

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