Launching his career straight out of high school, Jordan Feliz fronted the heavy metal band A Current Affair. But, heavy metal music was never Jordan's passion.

"I was a kid growing up with the headphones on - listening to every lick and reading the lyrics," Jordan says. "My dad had a collection of cassettes. My mom had some vinyl. I discovered artists like the Commodores, Bill Withers and Nat King Cole through them."

On family ski trips he would listen to soulful R&B performers like Sam Cooke and Earth Wind & Fire. They were artists from what his dad called "the good music era." While the days spent playing heavy metal music with his friends were fun and helped him grow musically, it's the R&B sounds and stylings residing in Jordan's musical memory that inspire his songwriting today.

Check out these fun Q&A's we were able to get from Jordan:

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