Raised in Los Angeles, and originally from Sweden, Jonathan Thulin has been singing since he was a young boy. “Music was always my passion, is my passion and will always be my passion,” he says.  Jonathan first gained recognition for his music video "Babylon" in 2011, and has since performed alongside artists such as Leeland, Remedy Drive, and Group 1 Crew. 

As a solo artist he has released a variety of albums including, Immovable (2006), The Epiphany Guide (2008), and The Anatomy of a Heartflow (2011). 

His album The White Room features the songs “Bombs Away (Feat. Rachael Lampa)” and “Dead Come To Life (Feat. Charmaine)” which is a song about hope, based off the book of Ezekiel. “This is a song that me and Charmaine wrote together and the idea came from the story in Ezekiel where the Lord tells Ezekiel to speak to the dry bones,” Jonathan says. “God refers to them as the people of Israel and that they are dried up and without hope and that when he speaks breath into them they will come to life and know that he is Lord.”

The White Room was a different kind of album for Jonathan -- he wrote these songs with complete honestly and without any strategy or real plan. “My hope is that this music will transcend beyond people's ears and into their hearts. God is a big part of who I am and all I want is for that to shine through my music,” he says. “What the world is searching for is something tangible, and there is nothing more tangible than the irrefutable love of Jesus Christ.”

Jonathan continues, “I want people to be able to relate to my music and to feel like no matter what they face, no matter how deep into the darkness they think they are, there is always someone there to love them,” he says. “I wanna be a part of a generation [that] doesn't just speak up for God but acts out the way Jesus did. Jesus loved and gave himself in every way possible to every type of person. There is a much greater purpose and as soon as we understand the depth and beauty of the God we serve then we will have a different view of those around us and find even more ways to love.”

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