• Jimi Cravity - Believe Lyrics

    From the album Heaven (EP)

    You see right through my heart, I can't pretend
    And when I finally meet You, time won't have an end
    And I see You happy smiling over dreams
    ‘Cause when You close your eyes I know You think of me
    So maybe I need the eyes of a child
    To keep my mind free and my heart running wild
    On a mountaintop for all the world to see
    And all I hope is they see You inside of me

    Oh, I believe
    Love is free
    With every part of me
    Oh, I know
    You are everything

    Is it crazy that I'm dancing in the rain?
    And I'm smiling cause there's no more days of pain
    There's a fire inside of me
    And it burns so bright with the life You give to me

    I know it's real cause we're not trying
    It's our love cause there's no fighting
    Don't know much about much I know
    But I tell You

    Yeah, You've seen me at my highs and in my lows
    You're the key to the life, there's no place else to go
    And when the leaves fall down and the world knows seasons change
    You're the only thing that's always stayed the same
    Yeah, You did for me what I couldn't do for myself
    Yeah, You gave me a name and a story I could tell
    Since You came into my life I ain't been the same
    ‘Cause I can see You in the stars and in the rain