For Jimi Cravity Heaven is real, it is now, and it changes everything...

In 2013, Jimi received the devastating news that his two-and-a-half year-old son, Britton, had liver cancer. Within a few short months, with his father by his bedside, Britton went to heaven. “I was heartbroken and full of grief," Jimi recalls. "But it never felt like God was distant or far off. It seemed like He was in the room with me throughout all of it.”

These days, Jimi's heart claims dual citizenship: in Heaven and on earth and his EP Heaven brings his listener's into this precious space with songs like "Believe" and "Beacon". 

As a singer and songwriter, Jimi's worship oriented writing style begs us to examine our own understanding of Heaven, suffering and grace. When speaking about his songs, he says:

"I feel like one beautiful thing about worship is that it lifts our vantage point, lifts our point of view up to Heaven so we aren't surrounded by what's happening in our circumstance. Christ, God, has the final say - not anything that we are going through." 

Jimi is part of the worship team at Passion Church in Atlanta, Georgia where he often shares the stage with Crowder. The first time they met Jimi introduced himself to David as The Groove Jedi. Crowder recalls the experience, "I thought to myself, 'you probably are, you probably are,' and I immediately loved him like a brother. The sounds on his first release will melt you like fire."

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