• Jesus Culture - Fierce Lyrics

    From the album Let It Echo

    Before I call
    Before I ever cry
    You answer me
    From where the thunder hides
    I can't outrun
    This heart I'm tethered to
    When every step
    I collide with You

    Like a tidal wave
    Crashing over me
    Rushing in to meet me here
    Your love is fierce
    Like a hurricane
    That I can't escape
    Tearing through the atmosphere
    Your love is fierce

    You cannot fail
    The only thing I've found
    Is through it all
    You never let me down
    You don't hold back
    Relentless in pursuit
    At every turn
    I come face to face with You

    You chase me down
    You seek me out
    How could I be lost when
    You have called me found

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    Writer(s): Chris Quilala, Joshua Silverberg, and Mia Fieldes