• Jeremy Camp - Reckless Lyrics

    From the album Reckless

    Everytime I try to play it safe
    Holding back just a little part of me
    I find myself forgetting what
    I say that I believe
    The promise of Your Word
    Is all I need
    I'll lay my life down
    And give it up
    I'll give it up

    I wanna be reckless
    Cause You are endless
    I wanna be shameless
    And shout Your greatness
    I will not be afraid
    To surrender my way
    And follow who You are
    I wanna be reckless, reckless

    I will lose my life
    And just let go
    Because I know this world is not my home
    With fearless faith
    I won't be moved
    Unshakeable inside Your truth
    You laid Your life down
    And gave it up
    So I'll give it up


    I won't waste any more time
    My life's Yours it is not mine
    Use me Lord no matter what's at stake

    Publishing: 2012 Stolen Pride Music/Birdwing Music/Thirsty Moon River Publishing(ASCAP)/Dodd Music/Seven Peaks Music(ASCAP)
    Writers: Jeremy Camp, Andy Dodd