• Jeremy Camp - My God Lyrics

    From the album Reckless

    All of who You are
    Reaches the darkest parts
    Lifting the weight and erasing the scars that had a hold on me
    Here I am, bearing all
    Tearing down every wall
    So amazed by Your grace
    And the way You're still holding me
    Whoa, whoa
    Whoa, whoa

    My God
    You are
    The unchanging love
    My God
    Your heart
    Sends hope from above
    The Great Creator
    Beautiful Savior
    I've been redeemed
    There is life now from Your victory
    You are my God

    There is no other one
    Who's given a greater love
    Laying aside his own life on the cross
    Reaching out to us

    When my hope starts fading out
    You are where my strength is found
    I know I won't be alone
    My God, You are a beautiful love