• Jeremy Camp - Give You Glory Lyrics

    From the album Beyond Measure

    We have raised a thousand voices just to lift Your Holy name
    And we will raise thousands more to sing of Your beauty in this place
    Well none can even fathom no not one define Your worth
    As we marvel in Your presence to the ends of the earth

    We give You glory
    Lifting Up our hands and singing Holy
    You alone are worthy
    We Just want to touch your heart Lord touch Your heart and
    Glory lifting up our voice and singing holy
    You alone are worthy
    We just want to touch Your heart Lord touch Your heart

    As We fall down before you with our willing hearts we seek
    In the greatness of your glory its so hard to even speak

    There is nothing we can offer no nothing can repay

    So we give you all our praises and lift our voice to sing


    Our Hope is drenched in you
    Our faith has been renewed
    We trust in your every word
    Nothing else can even measure up to You