With his eighth album, I will Follow (2015) featuring the song "He Knows," Jeremy Camp declares his intent to go 'all in' with God. "I knew what I had been called to do: to follow him wholeheartedly," Jeremy says. After realizing this, the theme of the new record crystallized into something heartfelt and real for Jeremy: "In the Old Testament when God was talking to the Israelite's, they're just rebellious people, and it says, 'but Caleb has a different spirit. He followed me wholeheartedly.' And that's what I want to do." Jeremy's life story reads like a novel. It's been filled with heartbreaking, joy-filled, and even scary and dangerous events. 

Shortly after realizing he wanted to marry his first wife, Melissa, they found out she had Ovarian Cancer. They got married on October 21, 2000 and she died a few short months later in February 2001, she was twenty-one. Jeremy, twenty-three at the time, spent many days and nights pondering the struggles of life and how to deal with them. “It’s not like you just bounce back,” he says. “But God gives me the strength and I want to encourage others who are struggling."

Growing up in Lafayette, Indiana, Jeremy is an ordained minister and the son of a pastor. He was always drawn to music and describes himself as “a minister who happens to play music as a way to minister.” Once he graduated high school, Jeremy attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California, and was recruited to join the worship team after he was caught singing in the kitchen of the school. Jeremy began playing music all over Southern California and released his debut album Stay in 2002.

Stay included the single, “I Still Believe”  which was the first song he wrote after Melissa's death, “I didn't know what the song was for at the time, but I look at the words now and I can see God was preparing me for the path I’m now walking,” Jeremy explains. "When I lost my wife I had a whole different concept of her life. She lived 21 years and people who knew her know it wasn't about the great things she did on this earth. It wasn't that she had money or had popularity, it was that she loved Jesus Christ more than anything else in this world. That was how she related to the world.”

In the decade following his debut album Stay, Jeremy released over thirty number one songs, including: “Take You Back,” “Lay Down My Pride,” “Tonight,” “No Matter What It Takes,” and “Overcome.” Camp also published a book titled I Still Believe, which talks about finding hope when everything around you is falling apart. “I wanted to be able to share comfort and to show God’s faithfulness, but also to be able to provide exhortation and encouragement to people in their own lives,” he said. “And to those who maybe haven’t been through that tragedy, to still encourage them as well.”

Jeremy’s album Reckless (2013) is about living your life to the fullest - not playing it safe. “If God says go, I want to go 100 percent and I will go 100 percent,” he says. “I want to be reckless, I want to live my life fully for Christ no matter what.”

The first single off the new record, He Knows, was released in September 2014. Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Jeremy recalls that, as more and more people asked him how he made it through the loss of his first wife, he realized God was always pointing him back to scripture and one simple verse really stood out: "Jesus Wept" (John 11:35). 

 "He had compassion on what was happening with Lazarus. Mary and Martha were weeping and His heart went out, He understood." Jeremy shares. “I think the best place to go when we’re saying ‘No one understands my pain, no one understands my hurt’ is - Christ. He fully understands. I wrote this song just in that place of saying, ‘God, I’m so thankful that you, above everybody else,  know my pain.’” God spoke comfort over Jeremy's past with this song and he's doing the same thing for others. There are a lot of brokenhearted people in the world and they often turn to Jeremy, and his songs, for encouragement.

Jeremy and his wife, Adrienne 'Adie', live in Nashville, TN with their three children. Adie was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and is the former lead singer of The Benjamin Gate, a South African Christian pop-rock band that disbanded in 2003. In December 2014, for their eleventh wedding anniversary, Adie shared these thoughts on her Instagram: "When I think of what to write about my husband, I feel overwhelmed with so much gratitude for the man the Lord has blessed me with. He leads us so well, loves Jesus, lives what he preaches and still wants to go deeper with the Lord. We are not perfect by any means, but LOVE being broken together."

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