• Jason Gray - Love Has A Name Lyrics

    From the album Bethlehem Skyline

    A bright star appeared in the dark night to guide us
    To the child born a king, who left heaven to find us
    When you're lost in the dark it still shines to show us the way

    The way to the baby born in Bethlehem
    The child who can make us all children again
    If we bring him our hearts like a present on Christmas day

    Gloria, Gloria
    Desire of the nations, true love has a name Jesus is born today
    Carols and sleigh bells all echo his name
    Churches and shopping malls join in the strains
    Of the anthem to mercy of the God who bends low to bless

    Even the silence that sounds like the falling of snow
    Is singing the song that the snow angels know "Glory to God in the highest"

    In ribbons and wrapping we keep our surprises Dressing our gifts up in brilliant disguises But the biggest of gifts always come in small sizes
    And Jesus is born today

    Wise men for ages have looked for him since
    And discovered a treasure for beggar and prince
    Riches of wonder and a peace to give the weary rest