Singer/songwriter Jason Gray has been inspiring people with his alternative-pop music since he first began working as an independent artist in 1999. Born and raised in Minnesota, Jason has a speech handicap (a stutter) that first began after his parents separated. “My parents were going through a divorce,” Jason says. “I don’t really ever remember having the problem before then. I still stutter — except when I sing.”

Jason now uses his stutter to encourage his listeners to embrace their weaknesses. “It’s hard to order a pizza,” he jokes. “At first I was embarrassed and ashamed. I tried to hide it. But it has been a great gift. I get to talk to my audiences about weakness and how when we are weak, he (God) is made strong.”

Over the years, Jason has released a variety of albums including, All The Lovely Losers (2007), Everything Sad is Coming Untrue (2009), Song Cycles (2011), A Way To See in the Dark (2011), and his latest project Love Will Have The Final Word (2014).  As well as songs such as, “ I Am New,” “ More Like Falling in Love,” “ Good to be Alive,” and “ Remind Me Who I Am.”

“In the early years of my music career, I was always so anxious about being rejected because my identity was so wrapped up in it,” he says. “One of the blessings of getting older is that you learn to not care as much about what other people think. This time around in making a record, my identity wasn’t as entangled in the process. I didn’t feel like this album (A Way To See in the Dark) had to prove my worth in the world so I was less anxious over it and able to enjoy the process a lot more. I felt more free with this project and less afraid. This allowed me to have a lot more gratitude and I hope that gratitude comes through the record when people hear it.”


In an industry ruled by shallow pop music, Jason has always aimed to set himself apart with his spiritually stimulating lyrics. “I appreciate pop music, but I also want to marry it to a reflective, hopefully interesting and compelling lyric,” explains Jason. “I grew up on the road with my mom’s band, so I was always hanging out in the bars while they were doing a concert every weekend. In the 4th grade, in the midst of an ugly divorce, is when my mom became a Christian. She went from singing in the bars to singing at revival meetings and so at that point I was introduced to Christian music. Meanwhile, I was also navigating the challenges of being a kid with a speech handicap and this growing feeling of being an outsider. All of these experiences have shaped my music.”


In addition to spending time making music, Jason also works with World Vision on behalf of AIDS orphans. “I just love working with them,” Jason says. “I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to partner with World Vision. They love well and serve well. I’m proud to be affiliated with them. They are beautifully free of an agenda other than serving the poor. The chance to actively serve the poorest of the poor has infused my life and work with meaning, purpose and a better understanding of who Jesus is and who He asks me to be.”

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