The group Hillsong Worship started out in the early 1990's as the worship team for Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. More than two decades later, their songs are now an integral part of the international Christian music scene.

In 1992, Hillsong Worship's first-ever live album, The Power of Your Love, which featured singer/songwriters Darlene Zschech and Geoff Bullock, paved the way for countless popular praise songs to come including “Shout to the Lord,” “All Things Are Possible,” “Everything That Has Breath,” “I Live to Know You” and “Jesus, Lover of My Soul.”

Hillsong Worship has more than fifty albums to their credit and has helped launch the careers of several worship leaders including Zschech, Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston and Natasha Bedingfield. 

With their album let there be light. (2017), the band has crafted songs they hope will trigger new experiences as people seek God in worship. Taya Smith, lead singer, shares how that is occuring in her life...

"There are songs on here that, as we've sung them in our church, have really challenged me personally," reveals Taya. She continues her thoughts with questions she asked herself, "Do I believe what I'm confesssing? Will I trust blindly in the sovereignty of my JESUS when I can't see? I know that it says that the pure in heart see God; but, am I willing to be purified by the fire of God? Do I believe in the fullness of Jesus' name and in the middle of lack and pain will I sing like I'm free, healed and whole, whether I see it on this side of eternity or the other?"

One of the songs from let there be light. is "What A Beautiful Name." Brooke Ligertwood wrote it with Ben Fielding, and says, "We were in Sydney and kind of really fixated on Hebrews 1. Which talks about how in the past God spoke at various times and in various ways through the prophets and other means. But, it says in these last days He has spoken to us in His Son, Jesus ... through the song [we're] kind of trying to, I guess, unfold facets of that. Facets of the mystery of Jesus - His beauty, His wonder, His power - that's kind of the heart and scripture behind the song."

Hillsong Worship's love for seeking God, crafting praise music and equipping the local church, across the globe, continues to be their heartbeat twenty-five years after first coming together:

"We are convinced that part of our purpose is to champion passionate and genuine worship of our Lord Jesus Christ in local churches ... we hope to do our part in resourcing local church worship teams across the many denominational faces of The Church, as we all learn from each other." - Hillsong Worship

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