In 2016, singer/songwriter Hillary Scott shared a candid letter with fans to introduce her faith-based musical endeavor “Thy Will” from the album Love Remains. The collection of songs features Hillary's mom Linda Davis, father Lang Scott and little sister Rylee Scott and is produced by Ricky Skaggs.

Growing up in a house filled with family, music and faith Hillary comes by her musical gifts naturally. Her mom moved to Nashville in the 80's to pursue a music career. There Linda met Lang while working as a receptionist at a recording studio. They married in 1984 and Hillary was born April 1, 1986. 

Initially home-schooled, Hillary began attending Donelson Christian Academy as an elementary school student and in 2004 graduated from the high school. Because her parents toured a lot she lived with her grandparents much of the time. At sixteen Hillary performed with her mom and dad on the album Linda Davis Family Christmas.

As a young woman, Hillary tried out for American Idol twice and both times did not make it to the judge's rounds. However she continued to excel in the music industry and she met her future husband, Chris Tyrell, in 2010 while touring with Tim McGraw. Chris is a drummer who shares her love for music and Nashville. When Chris asked Hillary to marry him, during a family camping trip in Tennessee, she said 'Yes' and they were married on January 7, 2012. Hillary and Chris welcomed their daughter Eisele Kaye into the world on July 22, 2013. 

The new collaboration with her family has special meaning to her.

“The idea of this album was really when my dad had sat me down right at the beginning of last year to talk about something that he felt in his heart that he wanted to do - which was make a collection of songs to send out to some really dear friends and family.” Hillary says.

After taking time to pray and talk to Chris, Hillary realized there was an opportunity to bring more depth and impact to the project so that it helped even more people. So, they decided to expand her dad's initial idea into an album for family, friends, and fans; old and new - hoping others will be impacted, too.

The faith based songs and hymns on Love Remains draw their inspiration from several sources, including the well of emotions that developed during Hillary's beloved grandfather's battle with cancer and after her miscarriage in Fall 2015. In June 2016, Hillary was ready to share the story behind "Thy Will" and as part of going public she posted these words on Facebook:

 "The outpouring of love and support from friends, family, and complete strangers leaves me absolutely overwhelmed ... yet I've been wading through waves of sadness as the weight of what happened to our family hits again ... I know there are so many people out there dealing with the same feelings and I feel humbled that so many of you shared those feelings with me today. May God bless you all. #thywill"

Reflecting on her hope for the future of Love Remains Hillary says, “These are the songs that are talking about the source of where my peace comes from. So, whenever you listen to it I hope you hear the parts of my heart that are bursting with joy and thankfulness but also the pieces of my heart that are broken.”

Hillary, Chris and Eisele live in Brentwood, Tennessee close to their extended family.

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