• Hawk Nelson - Never Let You Down (feat. Hunter and Tara) Lyrics

    From the album Miracles

    I've been wrestling with my thoughts
    I've been searching for daylight
    Trying to make sense of the mess
    Tying to feel like I'm alright

    All these questions
    Without answers
    Feeling restless and abandoned
    Will You hear my call
    Will You be there when I fall

    You say, all of this time and I've never let you down
    I carried you then, I'll carry you here and now
    So don't lose heart and don't forget
    My work in you ain't finished yet
    Hold onto Me now, I'll never let you down
    I'll never let you down

    Oh I've seen You showing up in the darkest of places
    In the moments of my doubt, in the tears that I've tasted
    Would you take me, take me this far
    Just to leave me, that's not who You are
    I know You hear my call,
    You're always there when I fall

    Caught in chaos, I'm knee deep
    Wrestling with all of my disbelief
    In this moment I hear You speak
    Break through the noise and consume me

    I change with the seasons
    I lose sight of faith
    When my hope is gone
    I know that You stay the same
    Your gentle whisper
    A familiar sound
    I know You won't let me down