Hawk Nelson is a  Canadian rock band that first came together in the suburbs of Ontario in early 2000 and now includes band members Jonathan Steingard (Lead Singer), Daniel Biro (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Micah Kuiper (Guitar) and David Niacaris (Drums.) The band continues to draw in listeners with their pop/funk sounds, paired with Christ centered lyrics.

After years of playing independently and going by the name SWISH, the band signed a record deal, and changed their name to Hawk Nelson. They released their debut album Letters to the President in 2004.

 “We defined our sound, cut an indie disc and started getting it in the hands of people,” explains Jonathan. “We toured all around Toronto - from youth groups to colleges to arcades- and sought to get kids into it.”

Over the last decade the band has released a slew of albums including, Smile, It's the End of the World (2006), Hawk Nelson Is My Friend (2008), Live Life Loud (2009), Crazy Love (2011), which features the singles, “Your Love Is A Mystery” and “Crazy Love,” a song about the unconditional love of God, based off the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan. And Made (2013) featuring the song, “Words.” The album Diamonds (2015) includes "Drops In The Ocean" and "Diamonds" and 2018's Miracles highlights the song "He Still Does (Miracles)."

Hawk Nelson has achieved mainstream success as well, appearing on the NBC show “American Dreams,” and their music has been featured in the 2005 motion picture Yours, Mine and Ours,  and on multiple Sunday Night Football commercials. 

Even with the mainstream appeal, for Hawk Nelson it's important to live their lives as examples, and not just talk the talk. “It's a big part of who we are as a band. We meet people wherever we go and find ways to love them the best that we can, and in the most practical ways we can,” Jonathan says. “Often we forget that God is there, so we take control. It's easy to think that we have control until reality hits us. No matter how hard we fall, God, in his love, is there to pick us up.”

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