• Hannah Kerr - Radiate Lyrics

    From the album Overflow

    You turn my hurt into the
    First breath of my worship
    Beauty out of the ashes
    Made a future out of my past

    Your love is stronger than the
    Moments of my weakness
    You meet me right where I am
    It's all part of Your plan (hey!)

    'Cause in the dark Your light shines brighter (hey!)
    Shines brighter, shines brighter

    No matter what comes my way
    I'll let my life, radiate Your light
    Now always
    I'll let my lips speak, only for Your name
    In the good, in the bad, in the mistakes
    No darkness gonna stand in my way
    If my way, is Your way
    Then You'll make; me
    Radiate (for Your glory, for your glory)
    Radiate (for Your glory)

    Publishing: Songs of Black River (ASCAP) a division of Black River Entertainment, LLC / WB Music Corp / Buckeye26 (ASCAP)

    Writer(s): Hannah Kerr, Josh Kerr, Jordan Reynolds