• Group 1 Crew - Keys To The Kingdom Lyrics

    From the album Ordinary Dreamers

    They say we're all in the pursuit of happiness A life that's fabulous we fight for our beliefs like an activist The struggles here can be seen across the atlas And it started when Adam chose to give up his palace Now the earth waits for its rightful owner 2,000 years ago the 2nd Adam told us the kingdom is at hand, died for the sins of man just so he can where we rule over the land meet every demand while nature waits for kings to take a stand so we need to understand we can change our circumstances the kingdom is therefore we choose when to advance it

    You got the keys inside this kingdom,
    lift up your head is only begun,
    keep holding on and you'll see the son
    everybody sing it now (x2)

    I heard you say that you would die for me gladly give your life for me, cry for me, all so I could call you when I'm so in need of promises you've spoken, my heart was always broken cause you gave the keys to life but in my pride I had them stolen, you say that you redeem us and bring us to a place where we can see the keys can never be stolen they just misplaced and so we rise from the ashes, stand before the masses proclaim the victory is ours and so we never give up, even though times get hard to understand, its never enough for us to sit back and hope he has a plan we gotta stand up and face the cold with a boldness that is focused on the fact we have the keys so just believe there's nothing closed


    So many promises you gave, and we just turned and walked away but now I see the price you paid was enough for us to live victorious