Hip-hop artists Group 1 Crew, first came together when Manwell Reyes, Blanca Reyes Callahan, and Pablo Villatoro met in a Bible study in Orlando, Florida. The three Latinos became fast friends due to their passion for ministry and music.

After their song, “Can't Go On” debuted on the album Wow Hits 2007, the group released a short length album a month later titled I Have a Dream. The band then released their first full-length album Group 1 Crew in February 2007 featuring the song, “Love Is a Beautiful Thing.” 

The group followed that with Ordinary Dreamers in 2008, and Outta Space Love in 2010. Many of Group 1 Crew’s songs, including “Walking On The Stars,” and “Breakdown,” were used on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” and their song “Forgive Me,” was also featured in a episode of “One Tree Hill.”

Their album Fearless (2012) featuring the songs, “He Said,” and “His Kind of Love,” is an album that talks about joy, heartbreak and fear. “One of the things I love about the group is our vast musical inspirations, which range from Manwell's '90s rock and hip-hop to my love for ballads, divas and old school funk,” says Blanca. “On this record, we're able to incorporate all the different styles of music that we love and it's a fun thing that a lot of bands don't get to do. We'll go from hip-hop to an inspirational ballad, but that's just how we think, kind of like an iPod shuffle.”

After Pablo left and most recently Blanca, Group 1 Crew now consists of Manwell Reyes and Sarah Sandoz. The band continues to seek God as they create music and they are embracing this new season with renewed vigor and a greater grasp on who they are as a band. “Throughout all the soul searching, we found a sense of purpose, realizing the group wasn't just a group of convenience, but of necessity,” Manwell explains. “We've been on the road playing music and filling voids for a lot of people. We've had so many people tell us that they found us to be a breath of fresh air, which made us feel like we have a sense of duty to continue.” 

He adds: “Even in the face of craziness or the hurricane of emotions going on in your life, you need to always remain fearless. When God has called you to something great, don't ever be afraid to step out in faith and don't ever give up.”

Their most recent album #Faster (August 2014) is the result of stepping out in faith with God. It includes the songs "A Little Closer" and "Heaven (feat. Jonathan Thulin)."  

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