• for KING & COUNTRY - Middle Of Your Heart Lyrics

    From the album Crave

    This is where it begins
    This is where all the worry ends
    This is where I say
    I don't need to have control

    This is where I admit
    I don't know how to handle it
    Life in all of its chaos
    You are my only hope

    And all that I have offer
    Is the white flag of surrender

    So take me to the middle of Your heart
    Lead me to wherever Your love starts
    To a new day dawning
    To the place You are
    And if You wanna take me over the edge
    I'll let You ‘cause You love is where I'll land
    Wanna be right where You are
    In middle of Your heart

    This what I believe 
    That if I give You my everything
    I will become who I was really born to be

    I'll stand up to say it
    Yeah, Your love is something I can put my faith in

    I carried what I carried
    But now I can let it go
    Yeah I carried what I carried
    But now I can let it go
    Now I can let it go


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