The rock band Fireflight first formed in Eutis, Florida back in 1999. Glenn Drennen and Justin Cox- both guitarists- had an idea to start a band with Glenn’s wife Wendy Drennen (bass), Justin Cox (guitar), and drummer Phee Shorb (who was later replaced by Adam McMillion). While attending a graduation for Justin’s younger brother, the band heard singer Dawn Michelle, and asked her to join Fireflight as the lead vocalist. 

After years of playing live shows, the band released their debut album The Healing of Harms in 2006 which featured the songs, “You Decide” and “Waiting.” Following the release of The Healing of Harms, the band got back on the road where they wrote their next album Unbreakable (2008), which Dawn said was an emotional experience. 

“It almost felt like things were out of control,” she says. “We’d gone through a difficult year as a band with a lot of emotional ups and downs. We basically lived together in a van while writing the new album, and that put us in a pressure cooker. All the stresses were magnified because you’re completely out of your comfort zone, and it really does crank up the intensity of the writing. We poured all of our hope, sorrow, anger, dreams and fears into the music.”

The single “Unbreakable” on the album of the same title, was used for the promos of the TV show “Bionic Woman.” In 2010, the band released their third album For Those Who Wait, which included the song “Desperate.” 

Consisting now of Dawn, Wendy, Glenn, and Adam, Their latest album Now (March 6, 2012), which features the song "”Stay Close,” a song about crying out to God during our most difficult times. “Now is a call to take action: to rise above, break free, and defeat the things inside of us that hold us back,” Dawn explains. “Because this life is about more than living in the past, this world needs us to take back our lives, so that we can be light to those who are still in the dark.”

Besides making music, the band works to live their lives as positive examples. “We really strive to be positive role models for young women out there in a (rock music) world where there are not a lot of them,” Wendy says. “We want to show you can be modest, yet be everything you want to be without having to give any part of yourself away.”

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