• Everfound - Take This City (feat. Joel Smallbone) Lyrics

    From the album Everfound

    See the signs
    The bright lights
    Walk down the city streets tonight
    You'll hear people calling

    For the truth
    For the life
    For the love we've buried deep inside

    That makes us united

    So let's take this city
    Our souls are singing, oh
    There's a fire in our bones
    I know we won't be defeated
    If love is leading, oh
    We're laying down our stones

    Apathy is killing me
    We could be the saints down on our knees
    Lifting each other
    Out of ashes
    Out of ruins
    Hope will bring a new beginning
    If we break the silence


    We were made for this moment
    We were meant to be here
    And we're not gonna stop
    ‘Til the walls disappear


    Writer(s): Nikita Odnoralov / Ruslan Odnoralov / Joel Smallbone / Casey Brown