Luke Caldwell, Shawn Myers, and Myca Myers first formed Esterlyn in 2008. Just two short years later they released their debut national album, Call Out, and sold more than 25,000 copies. 

Since then, Esterlyn has continued leading worship and holding camps and conferences. Many of their worship songs, like “Freedom is Here,” are played in churches throughout the country.  

Their second album, Woven, was released in September 2012 and features songs “Reflexion” and “Everyday Your Love is New.”

Esterlyn has a heart for adoption and was named after lead singer Luke’s niece, who was adopted from China. The band aims to give a voice to those who don’t have one. 

“Everyday we are faced with the reality that we were created to worship,” the band shares. “What we find worth in is ultimately what we worship. We become mavens for our sports teams, our favorite bands and primarily ourselves. But there is nothing in this physical world great enough to satisfy our soul’s desire to worship.”

With their electro-pop meets synth sound and drum-heavy rock feel, Esterlyn has created a fresh sound in the Christian music world. Their newest album, Love, centers around reminding listeners of the importance of selfless love. 

“These songs are my heart’s cry for more of God’s love in my life,” Luke says. “I don’t need religion or programs. I need love. It amazes me that God’s love is completely based upon who He is and what He has done. My sincere prayer is that this album would remind us what is truly important in this life.”

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