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    Rachael Lampa - Remedy Lyrics

    From the album Remedy - Single

    I know where to go
    To heal my heart to sooth my soul
    When everything's spinning out of control, I know,
    I know just living life can get so crazy day and night
    But I've got somebody by my side, by my side
    Everytime I cry and I wanna hide
    Feeling like I'm damaged on the inside
    You know just what to do

    You've got what I need
    You're the remedy
    That's why I'm keeping You close, You close
    You know what's best for me
    My only therapy
    Jesus, your love is my hope, my hope
    You're my remedy, You're my remedy
    You're my remedy, You're my remedy

    On point, off-track
    One step forward, two steps back
    Some days are gonna be just like that
    Just like that
    You're my medicine
    Relieve my pain again and again
    Always take me back no matter where I've been, where I've been
    Everytime it hurts and it doesn't work
    Feeling like it never could get any worse
    I go running to You

    Chorus (X2)

    And everytime I come knocking at Your door
    You make me feel like I'm the only one that You adore
    The only one You do this for
    The only one that You call Yours, I'm Yours