The rock band Decyfer Down first came together in Morehead City, North Carolina back in 1999. The band first went by the name Allysonhymn, and consisted of guitarist Brandon Mills and drummer Josh Oliver. Starting as an acoustic band, the group switched to a more rock sound and recruited some new members such as- Josh Oliver's brother Caleb (who was later replaced by T.J. Harris), and guitarist Christopher Clonts. “I always loved rock music; that's where I came from,” says Brandon. ”But when I went through that drug stuff, I pawned everything. The only thing I could afford to get out of the pawnshop was an acoustic. As the years progressed, I felt God was giving me the opportunity to get back to what I loved, to start over. I couldn't have handled getting back to the rock lifestyle before then.”

Decipher means “to interpret,” and the group aims to interpret the truth from the Word of God. “We're simply out to give a positive message of hope that has truth streaming all the way down the middle of it,” Josh explains.

The band released their debut album End of Grey in 2006, which featured the songs, “Fight Like This,” “Break Free,” “Burn Back the Sun,” “No Longer,” and “Life Again.” From there, the guys released Crash in 2008 which included the single “Fading.”

The album Crash followed a nearly tragic car accident that the band experienced in their tour bus. The van veered off the road during a snow storm, and collided with a parked car causing the van to crash against a guard rail. “After the accident, we all questioned what we were doing because that was just another factor in it being such a big sacrifice to be on the road,” says Brandon. “When we posted a blog on our MySpace page explaining what happened, it was so encouraging to see a whole page full of thoughts and support from people all over the country--and other countries as well--plus people who told us how much our music meant to them. That really helped us see that we are meant to do this, and even though we still run into obstacles, we're a better band because of it.”

Decyfer Down may be made up of Christians, but the band is known for their mainstream success. “God gave us favor with rock deejays, national bands, the whole mainstream scene where we live. They know we're Christians. We don't act any different in any club than we do in any church,” Christopher says. “People come up uninitiated and admit that they used to attend church. Mainstream bands know that we are believers and they embrace us.”

The band has spent time on the road with artists such as Skillet and Disciple, and in 2013 released their latest album Scarecrow. “We want to influence culture more than ever before,” says Josh. “The way we write songs is based on the things that have inspired our lives the most. Our songs speak on a lot of topics that we haven't addressed before and we hope to take a walk through your life--your triumphs, your struggles, maybe even some of your addictions--and confront those to the point where you find yourself being impacted by love, hope and a clear vision of how to move forward. Our life experiences have lead us to where we are right now, and circumstances that once affected our lives can no longer control us. This is just a way of expressing and illustrating the scars and the breakthroughs in our lives.”

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