• dc Talk - Consume Me Lyrics

    From the album Supernatural

    Lovely traces
    I can sense You in everything
    The way that You move me
    Takes me far away
    I seek no escape
    I'm dreaming through Your eyes
    I am wandering through Your mind
    I'm overtaken
    By the way that You deliver me
    I'm transcended
    There's no place I'd rather be
    Than here in heaven
    Without You I'm incomplete
    It's hopeless

    You consume me, You consume me
    Like a burning flame running through my veins
    You consume me moving through me
    Anytime anyplace You invade my space
    You consume me, You consume me

    Wholly devoted
    I immerse myself in You
    Baptize me in Your love
    'Cause drowning in the thought of You
    Floods my soul
    I'm taken by the things You do
    God You know
    It doesn't matter what I lose
    I'm Yours


    I am in Your hands
    Under Your command
    Like a puppet on a string
    I am willing to
    Put my faith in You
    So before the world I sing...


    There's no other way I can fly
    It's You and I, You and I