The ground-breaking group dc Talk has been inspiring people with their urban/hip-hop music for over two decades. Consisting of Toby McKeehan (tobyMac), Michael Tait and Kevin Max, the guys first met at Liberty University in Virginia, where Toby and Michael began writing the song “Heaven Bound.” After receiving positive feedback following a performance at Liberty University, Kevin joined the group, and they called themselves dc Talk- short for decent Christian talk. 

Shortly after, dc Talk moved to Nashville and in 1989 released their self-titled debut album. Over the next decade the group achieved major success by releasing a variety of songs including: “Jesus Freak,” “In The Light,” and “Colored People.” Followed by albums such as: Nu Thang, Free At Last, Jesus Freak, and Supernatural- with Free At Last considered to be one the Christian music's best albums of all time. 

Dc Talk is known for covering all sorts of real-world issues in their music, and also for taking a stand against racism- which is evident in their song, “Colored People.” In 1998, dc Talk began the E.R.A.C.E. Foundation (Eliminating Racism And Creating Equality) to help combat racism. The foundation is meant to educate the youth of America with “an understanding of the importance of interracial unity.” 

Though the group has never shied away from controversial topics, they always have an uncompromising message in their music.  “We're very open about our Christian faith,” says Toby, “But when we make our records we want to create a musical experience that anyone can immerse themselves in. One of our goals is to encourage listeners to question themselves and to seek out truth.” 

In 2000- to the disappointment of many fans- dc Talk announced that were talking a hiatus to pursue solo careers. The group hosted a show called Intermission: A Decade of DC Talk, and from there released the compilation album, Intermission: The Greatest Hits. The band quickly followed that with a Solo: Special Edition EP, a short album which contained two new songs from each member's solo projects. 

Since the hiatus, each artist has found their own path of success. Toby McKeehan- best known as tobyMac- has become one of Christian music's most influential solo artists. Michael Tait is the lead singer for Newsboys and Kevin Max stepped in for awhile as the lead singer for Audio Adrenaline. A mini-reunion occurred when in 2015 tobyMac released the song "Love Feels Like" featuring dc Talk.

Rumors of a dc Talk reunion have floated around for years and an annoucement of intent is due on May 11, 2016. "I think it will happen when it's right for all three of us, I'm sure we'll be willing to do something,” Toby says. “Why wouldn't it happen?”


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