When David Dunn started attending Texas Tech University he planned on graduating and beginning a career in engineering. However, music soon took center stage in his life. The university was in Lubbock, Texas and he played the local acoustic scene regularly. Writing and performing songs was more than a hobby for David and during his senior year he recorded his first album.

After graduation he left for a humanitarian trip to Africa. Thirteen months later, David returned to the States a 'changed man' and, although very sick with Malaria, he continued to write songs inspired by his experiences. David has a rich rugged voice and his songs encourage us to really look at our lives and to give God more than just a few hours of our week. When David speaks about his latest album Crystal Clear (2014) featuring the songs "Today Is Beautiful" and "Have Everything" he mentions how this idea played into what he wrote:

“It’s really common for all of us, including myself, to give this tiny portion of our lives on Sunday morning ... 'Have Everything' is really an expression of me going, I really don’t want to be part of that mentality and I want to break away from that and be someone who says, You get all seven days.”  

While visiting Air1, David went back to his acoustic roots with this performance:



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