• David Crowder Band - O Praise Him Lyrics

    From the album Illuminate

    Turn your ear
    To heaven and hear
    The noise inside
    The sound of angel's awe
    The sound of angel's songs
    And all this for a King
    We could join and sing
    All to Christ the King

    How constant, how divine
    This song of ours will rise
    O how constant, how divine
    This love of ours will rise
    Will rise

    O Praise Him
    O Praise Him
    He is Holy
    He is Holy (yeah)

    Turn your gaze
    To heaven and raise
    A joyous noise
    O the sound of salvation come
    The sound of rescued ones
    And all this for a King
    Angels join to sing
    All for Christ our King

    Oh la, la, la, la, la, la

    How infinite and sweet
    This love so rescuing
    O how infinitely sweet
    This great love that has redeemed
    As one we sing

    He is Holy
    He is Holy (yeah)