Pop/rock worship group David Crowder*Band first began when lead singer David Crowder was attending Baylor University (a Christian institution), in Waco, Texas. To his disappointment, he discovered that more than half of the students were not going to church. Following this, David and Chris Seay decided to start University Baptist Church in 1995. Not long after, over 1,000 people- many of whom were college students- were attending.  

Crowder begin writing inspirational songs to connect to the students at his school. “I am an inspirational writer. The moment will hit and I know I better find a pen and paper. There is a lot of intentionality behind my songwriting,” David said. 

David became the worship pastor at University Baptist Church which caused the congregation to grow as well as the worship band. After many requests, the group made an independent record specifically for their church. Word got around about this worship band from Waco, Texas, and eventually the group released Can You Hear Us? in 2002. 

The band continued to develop a large following, especially among college-aged young adults. “So we started seeing our platform expand and we were being asked to do different things. And it seemed like the college students are who we were in front of,” David explains. “And [that is] probably because that is where the music came from to begin with. It originated in front of college students trying to express their faith. So it probably translates on that level more readily than others.”

Since then, the band has released a variety of records including: Illuminate (2003), A Collision (2005), Remedy (2007), Church Music (2009), and their latest and final album Give Us Rest (2012) which features the single, “Let Me Feel You Shine.” 

Known for their songs, “How He Loves,” and “Here is Our King,” the band hopes that worship music will continue to attract people of all ages from around the world. “My hopes for worship music, and what I'm trying to push is this: a kid can record a record in his room and share with his friends-I want that to be able to happen in the Church,” David says. “Something put together on a computer and suddenly it's sitting on someone else's desktop miles and miles away. It could be huge for unity in the Church. It could be a quick reclamation of art in the Church.”

The goal of the David Crowder*Band has always been to lead people, all people, towards God. “When you look at Christ as he was talking about the kingdom of heaven,” David says. “He was talking about, "I am bringing the kingdom of heaven, now, here, right this second." And we tend to look at eternity and rid ourselves of now.” 

In 2011, the band announced that they were parting ways, but not before releasing the album Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys]), and going on a farewell tour. “We are forever grateful for the support we have had from our church community, both local and extended. Really. It has been beautiful, all of it. And we will most definitely keep you informed as things progress and life's new twists and turns start to make themselves more apparent.”

David, who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, continues to write powerful music and has embarked on a solo career as Crowder.


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