For over a decade, David Crowder was known as the front man for the David Crowder Band. Now, he is on a solo journey under the new name, Crowder. In 2014, David released his first solo album Neon Steeple featuring songs like " Come As You Are" and " I Am." Crowder's second album American Prodigal,  featuring the songs "My Victory" and "Forgiven" hit the streets in September 2016.

Referred to as Crowder 2.0, as a solo artist David mixes folk, bluegrass, and electronica with worship music...

The worship anthem “I Am” reminds us of the power of the presence of being in the name of God. “For me that is one of the greatest hopes of the Christian faith," Crowder says. "No matter where you are in life, you live and breathe in the very presence of God and he has given access to himself. The creator of the universe has given access to us, and that's gorgeous. So many times I forget about that and I need to be realigned to that reality.”  

He collaborated with Emmylou Harris on the single "My Sweet Lord,” which Crowder admits came together perfectly. “I can say this, the honey sweetness of her voice barely belies the person,” he says. “What a lady. I have been moved by her writing and singing long enough to call her legendary. I believe the voice and the person will be a moment that history looks back on -- thankful to have been blessed with such a thing.”

People are drawn to Crowder and his music and, as precious as this is to him, it is often puzzling, too...

“[It's all] mysterious and humbling,” Crowder says. “I believe people respond to something authentic more than they do perfection, and I've tried to present the most vulnerable portions of my interior and make sure folks knew I was just as bent as them and just as intent on finding the bits of light we have here among us. I hope that is what it can be attributed to.”

In 2012, Crowder moved to Atlanta, Georgia after sixteen years in Waco, Texas. He admits this has impacted his music, "This is a little bit rowdier ... you sink your roots somewhere and you can't help but take from the soil."

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