Before Texas native Chris August started performing his own songs, he helped produce records for some music industry pop stars, like Jessica Simpson and Brian McKnight. Chris, a self-taught pianist, also played keyboard and opened for Ashlee Simpson and Ryan Cabrera.

"Her (Ashlee) dad was actually my manager and I was signed to Geffen records, the same label she was in LA.,” Chris explains. “I was doing Pop/R&B music and working on my album and this girl that was playing keys for Ashlee quit and they said if I came out and played keys for her I could open the show and play my own set.  So the next thing you know I ended up playing for her about a year and did the same thing for Ryan Cabrera where I would play keys for him and then open the set.  So it was a great deal for me, I could get on these tours, just play keys for them, which is fine for me.  So it was a good time."

After some time on the road, Chris released his debut album in 2010 titled, No Far Away which featured the song “Starry Night,” a song about God’s greatness. “In ‘Starry Night,’ I sing about how amazed I am when I look at the stars, or the trees blowing in the wind. People take great pictures and make great drawings of nature and I think that’s very creative, but God was the one who made those things. There was a void, and God created everything. Those are the things I’m thinking about when I sing the song.”

Chris followed No Far Away with the album The Upside of Down in 2012, which featured the songs “Restore” and  “Center of It.” Ironically, Chris wrote “Center of It,” before experiencing a horrible skateboarding accident. But for the singer, the words of the song rang true more than ever. “No matter what we've done, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, no matter how hard life is, Christ never leaves,” he shares. “He is always there. He will be with you. He’s in the center of it.” He continues, "My life definitely changed. It was a pretty bad accident. I had a brain bleed, brain swelling and all that.  Kind of the hardest part for me was the month following, just dealing with my health. It's crazy how much a brain injury effects the rest of your body a lot more then you think. The coolest part was probably for me to see the power of prayer.  I knew it was powerful but just to have people pray over me and see God move in that was just so cool."

Chris is a prolific songwriter and his most recent single, "The Maker" (2015) off the album of the same name continues to point listeners to God's miraculous creation, love and grace.


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