Named after a small town in Kentucky, the band Carrollton shares music of truth and hope conceived from the struggles and experiences they've encountered along their journey together. Forming in 2008 under the name Mosteller, the band now consists of members Jordan Bailey (bass), Michael Loy (drums), Jeremy Menard (lead guitar) and Justin Mosteller (lead vocals and guitar). All four bandmates are involved in the song-writing process as they all are experiencing life and desire to share that with their listeners and fans. 

Jeremy and Justin met while they were in high school. Jeremy then found Michael a little later on who knew Jordan from a previous band the two of them had played in. Once all together, the four musicians immediately felt a connection and as Jeremy states, “Musically we clicked, and we just loved being around each other.” 

Soon the band was traveling and playing at youth camps, conferences and churches where their energetic and open-handed performances began to catch attention. Justin explains, “It's different with every crowd. Sometimes I talk more. Other times, we just let the music talk. We think about what the room feels like and the energy they bring. How do we engage each other?” In February of 2014 they celebrated their first national release of their EP Breath In Deep with Centricity Music, including single “Pass You By.” 

One year later, Carrollton released full album Sunlight & Shadows (2015) with Centricity Music featuring songs “Tell Me” and “Let Love Win.” According to the band, this album focuses on how life is made up of beautiful days filled with joy and sunshine as well as days in the shadows. “The message of what we're doing is that we believe God is with us in the good and the bad, and often in the mundane in-between,” Justin says. “We're trying to share that with people. We just want to put our hearts out there and see hope rise up.”

Every member of Carrollton firmly believes that “family comes first.” Between the four men and their wives, they have 8 young children. Oftentimes the men will travel through the night on a weekend to get home before their kids wake up, and the families will also try and make it to weekend long events or conferences.

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