• Building 429 - Right Beside You (feat. Dawn Michelle) Lyrics

    From the album Listen To The Sound

    I've seen it and felt it
    Hopelessness with no lifeline
    The wicked are feeding on
    Innocence and our decline

    You and I we are the same
    Torn apart by different things
    All our faith is barely alive
    But we're going to make it through the night
    I want you to know

    When the world is on your back
    And you think that you will never last
    When you're lonely and you are confused
    I'll be right beside you
    When the walls are closing in
    And you think you'd rather sink than swim
    When you think there's nothing left for you to lose
    I'll be right beside you
    I'll be with you

    We are precious
    More than priceless is our worth
    Loved by the Father
    Heaven's children here on earth
    You and I, we are the same
    Lifted up above the pain
    By His wounds we have been healed
    And by our love it is revealed
    I want you to know
    I need you to know


    Hold on
    Don't you let go of me
    I'll be here through it all
    Hold on, when you're ready to fall
    I will carry you
    I will never leave you
    I will lift you if you fall


    I'll be right beside you