Pop/rock band Building 429 first came together in 1999 when guitarist/vocalist Jason Roy met bassist Scotty Beshears in North Carolina while they were both in separate independent bands. After a few band member changes, the group now consists of Jason Roy (vocals), Aaron Branch (bass), Michael Anderson (drums), and Jesse Garcia (guitar/keys). 

The band came up with their name after hearing about a youth group that had a “429 Challenge,” based on the bible verse Ephesians 4:29. In this youth group, anytime someone spoke negatively towards another, a “429” was given, and the offending party had to say something nice about the person they spoke ill of. “We heard about what this youth group was doing and then dubbed ourselves Building 429, based on the challenge to build others up in the love of Christ,” says lead singer Jason Roy. “Simply put… it challenges us to lift others up according to their needs, and it challenges anyone who dares to ask the question 'What does your name mean'.”

Since signing a record deal back in 2003, Building 429 has released a variety of albums and songs, including: “Glory Defined,” “The Space In Between Us,” “Where I Belong,” and “Right Beside You.”  The band continues to encourage listeners with their latest album, Unashamed (2015.) Prior to that they released We Won't Be Shaken (2013), which includes the title song "We Won't Be Shaken," and the equally passionate "Press On (Feat. Blanca Callahan)," and "Blameless."

“With 'We Won't Be Shaken,' we attempted to write a song that speaks to what we do with the time that we have now,” Jason explains. “And again, it's just this holy confidence, not in ourselves, but in God, whose strength is made perfect in our weakness that comes through in 'We Won't Be Shaken.'"

Aaron considers "Blameless" his favorite song on the album. "Everyone knows who they were before they were saved, but the bible says who we are now in Christ through God. In God's eyes, we're blameless." Continuing, Aaron expands on the message behind this song, "His blood has washed us clean and we're righteous through Him. The lyric says 'You have made me blameless, sin has been made nameless. It doesn't matter who I was before.' It's a powerful lyric to me."

Today, the members of Building 429 are as dedicated as ever to sharing God's truth. “We're just four average guys from North Carolina, but we are sold out to God on this mission to reach the world. We're here to show everyone that nobodies like us can make a difference. We're here because God can use small people with faith like a mustard seed to move a mountain,” Jason says. “We are willing to put aside our fears and feelings of inadequacy in order to step up to the platform God has placed in front of us and let Him speak through us. Little people dreaming big dreams and daring to believe that they could come true… that's us!”

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