Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Brandon Heath's life changed drastically at age thirteen when he received a guitar for Christmas.  After that, Brandon began singing and writing music. He attended Middle Tennessee State University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in English. After his guitar was stolen in 2000, Heath recorded a demo CD  to raise money to purchase a new guitar, and would later release the demo as an independent album.

Fast forward to 2015 and Brandon has released his sixth album No Turning Back. The album took Brandon back to the greatest decision, and turning point, in his life. The moment, in 1995 at a Young Life camp, where he decided to follow Jesus. The title track commemorates that decision. And, while listening to the song, Brandon hopes others are inspired to reflect on their salvation moment, too: "I hope that they remember that moment when Jesus came into their life and that they remember they're on a journey and see how faithful God has been to them since that day ... when He says we are a new creation, He means it. The old is gone. The new has come and there's no turning back."
Foundational albums include Brandon's first studio album Don’t Get Comfortable (2006) which features the song “I’m Not Who I Was.” Brandon then released What If We in 2008, with the song “Give Me Your Eyes,” and Leaving Eden in 2011 featuring, “Your Love.” 

His album Blue Mountain (2012) features the songs “Jesus in Disguise,” "Love Does," and "The Harvester" came from the singer’s creative imagination. “Blue Mountain is literally just a place in my imagination. It actually comes from a quote from C.S. Lewis where he talks about how some people are like blue mountains- meaning that they are blue and mysterious in the distance but if you get up close to them they're brown and green,” he explains. “So when coming up with this place I thought, if you want to tell the story about blue mountain, you need to talk about the people that live there.” 

On the album, Brandon wrote songs from the perspective of different characters he created.  “There’s a song about a coal miner, a guy on death row, a couple, all people telling stories about what blue mountain is,” he said. “And like most authors, I am revealing more about myself and who I am through these characters.”

With each album Brandon candidly shares his heart with listeners. “As I grew and got involved in groups and more involved in church, I found that there were parts of me that needed to be broken down," he explains. "That’s where I've been for the past ten years – trying to get back down to my foundation, and I think that’s where the Lord, the Holy Spirit lives. The more I chip away at my pride, myself and the bad habits I've learned, the more I realize the heart of God.”

Brandon married his long-time friend turned girlfriend, Siebe, after proposing to her, on his knees, at the ice skating rink in Central Park in December 2013. Later that day, he announced his engagement during a performance at Madison Square Garden. The couple married five months later in May 2014.

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