Sisters Alyssa, Lauren, and Rebecca Barlow have been singing and writing music together for most of their lives. Growing up in the church, BarlowGirl - consisting of Rebecca (background vocals and guitar), Alyssa (lead vocals, keyboards, bass), Lauren (lead vocals, drums) - got their start singing backup for their father Vince Barlow who was a youth pastor in Chicago, Illinois. Hailed for their tight harmonies and soothing sound, the band released their debut self-titled album in 2004 featuring the hit song, “Never Alone.” 

Shortly after the success of their debut, the girls released the album Another Journal Entry in 2005, with songs, “Let Go,” and “I Need You to Love Me.” Following that album was How Can We Be Silent in 2007, featuring the song, “Million Voices,” and Home For Christmas in 2008.

Their album Love & War (September 8, 2009) featuring  the single “Beautiful Ending,” is a bold and personal album.  “There's just an urgency to this album,” says Alyssa Barlow. “We've always wanted to raise the banner and to really let people know who God is, what He's doing and how He's moving. “

Even with their incredible success, the girls have also had their fair share of hardships. Rebecca, the oldest of the sisters, battled an eating disorder that began when she was 18-years-old. “Every time I looked in the mirror, I told myself 'My goodness, how fat. You look terrible today.' It never seemed to get any better, and I felt worse and worse,” she said. Rebecca admitted to barely eating and then exercising for two to three hours a day. Eventually she became emotionally and physically exhausted. “When I was nineteen, I found myself one day with my cheek pressed against the cold tile of the bathroom floor, with nothing left to give, no energy, no hope.  I was done trying,” she said. “As I lay there, God touched my heart. He revealed to me that all my destructive efforts to shrink my body were not making me feel any better about myself ... I was so completely grateful for His healing that I pledged on that spot to love and serve Him for the rest of my life.”

In addition to Rebecca's struggle, Alyssa faced her own hardships after being diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy- a painful condition causing your nerves to randomly fire- following a sprained ankle. Doctors told Alyssa that she would never walk again, which devastated her! “I went home and for about two months I was the most bitter person in the world. I wouldn't talk to God. I was furious,” she explains. “I found out there was a lot of humanness inside of Alyssa Barlow, which I had never allowed to come out. I always tried to be the perfect Christian girl.” Eventually Alyssa learned to trust God, and miraculously she did walk again. “After about a year of waking up every morning, and it was pretty painful, it was gone,” she said. “ I can try to stand on heels now. It's done. I'm fine.”

On October 24, 2012, after many years in the Christian music industry, BarlowGirl announced that they would be retiring as a band. But even since retirement, the band is still a fan favorite and their music is played consistently on many radio stations across the nation.

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