The band Audio Adrenaline has been making music for nearly three decades. Originally known as A-180, the group formed in 1986 and shortly after releasing two independent albums that eventually led to a record deal. 

Consisting at the time of Mark Stuart, Barry Blair, Will McGinniss, and Bob Herdman, Audio Adrenaline released their self-titled debut album in 1992, and really took off when their single “Big House,” off their second album Don’t Censor Me, hit the airwaves. From there, the band released a slew of albums including Some Kind of Zombie in 1997, Underdog in 1999, Hit Parade in 2001, Until My Heart Caves In in 2005. 

After parting ways in 2006, the band reunited in 2012 as a complete new group: former dc Talk singer Kevin Max as the frontman, former Superchick member Dave Ghazarian on guitar, Bleach drummer Jared Byers on drums, Jason Walker on keys, and Will McGinniss- from the original band- on the bass.  The new band then released the album Kings & Queens in 2013, which included the songs, “Kings & Queens,” and “Believer.” 

"We felt like Kevin was the perfect fit," says former lead singer Mark Stuart. "And talent wise -- to use an American Idol phrase -- he can sing the phonebook and make it sound pretty awesome!"

Besides making music, Audio Adrenaline founded “The Hands and Feet Project,” a nonprofit organization which focuses on building Children’s villages in Haiti. Their song “King & Queens” was inspired by the organization. “This is really the anthem for the Hands & Feet project," Kevin says. "We wanted to let people know that we are doing this for more than just getting back out there and rebooting the brand, we're about raising awareness for the non-profit."

Audio Adrenaline recently announced another band change: Josh Engler, formerly of the band Abandon, will replace Kevin Max as the group’s new lead vocalist. 

“It has been an honor and a great privilege to be a part of the work Audio Adrenaline has done these last two years,” Max shares. “Mark Stuart and Will McGinniss have always been close friends of mine, and this chapter of our lives in service together has been beautiful.  I look forward to continually being involved in the Hands and Feet Project and also as a creative ally in anything Audio Adrenaline does in the future.” 

The new Audio Adrenaline is currently gearing up for the release of a new album in 2015.

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