• Ashes Remain - Here For A Reason Lyrics

    From the album Here For A Reason (Single)

    You're not forgotten
    You're not alone
    You think you're worthless, but you're worth it
    And He calls you His own
    Made in His image
    You were made for more
    You think there is no plan, that it's all by chance
    But don't believe that anymore

    Every time that you wake up breathing
    Every night when you close your eyes
    Every day that your heart keeps beating
    There's purpose for your life
    So don't give up
    Don't lay down
    Just hold on
    Don't quit now
    Every breath that you take has meaning
    You are here for a reason

    If you spent your days just getting by
    When you feel useless, He can use you
    And show you what it means to be alive

    Every day is a gift from above
    Don't throw it away
    When it feels like to much
    He'll be there

    Publishing: Fair Trade Global Songs / Ashes Remain Music (BMI) (admin. by Music Services, Inc.); Wordspring Music (SESAC) (admin. by Music Services, Inc.)
    Writer(s): Joshua Smith, Ryan Nalepa, Benjamin Kirk, Jonathan Hively, Robert Tahan; Justin Ebach