Five years strong, Ashes Remain continues again and again to prove themselves as a must see rock band out of Baltimore, Maryland. Recently credited as the "Best Band in Baltimore" by Hard Rock Cafe, the band works hard to make every show live up to the honorable title.

Ashes Remain’s first single “Everything Good” is an uplifting melody in the midst of many of their somber tunes from their first record What I’ve Become.

“This song is actually the flipside or brighter side of everything else on the record,” describes lead singer Josh Smith. “It's hope, it is praising God when nothing makes sense. Like Paul singing praise songs while sitting in jail."

Ashes Remain was formed when Josh Smith and Ryan Nalepa (guitar/keys) met while leading worship at a youth camp near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and one theme central to the band’s mission is being available for their fans and helping them through tough times. “We can’t be ‘off our game’ so to speak just because we are busy or have something else on our mind, we feel called to be available to our fans,” explains drummer Ben Kirk. “Connecting with a kid who was one conversation away from attempting suicide has a way of reminding you that you never know what that person's going through that night.

Writing songs about life portrayed through the eyes of their faith, Ashes Remain released their single "Here For A Reason" in 2014. The song reminds people that they have value and not to give up - "When it feels like too much, He'll be there." 

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